Highlands Outtakes

by Phillip Wilkerson

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Richard Gürtler
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Richard Gürtler ...I can easily rate this album as the most monumental and intensifying journey by this Floridian. And Phillip Wilkerson proves quickly these words with his following track, "Transcended", it is no short of its title. You can't ask for more in this 14-plus minutes long journey filled with mammoth drone walls, magnificently expansive and stunningly reinforced by assorted well-hidden, but strongly rewarding traceries, ranging from unfathomably mind-bending through intangibly sparkling to warmly embracing. An ultimate drone tour de force, hats off to Phillip Wilkerson!!! No wonder "The Silence Of One" is promptly needed for more relieving gliding, but don't expect any soapy ending, because this composition moves through enormously rich palette of adventurous billows. Ear tickling shimmers are masterfully interacting with continuously oscillating and crescendoing drone mysteries. Did I mention soothing transition? Not sure about it, because this is another utterly grandiose dronescape transporting the listener to the forefront of powerful, drift-driven soundsculpting. Absolutely triumphant finale...

What a journey, I am totally addicted to this album!!! Sure, this is more intense and less balsamic release that any other I have reviewed by Phillip Wilkerson so far. But hey, this is my medicine too, more please!!! And with headphones on, your drone Eden is eagerly waiting for you!!! Yes, I should mention that Phillip Wilkerson is also busy with his collaborative projects, which include Time Being with Jourdan Laik, as far I know they are working on their second CD. And as announced few days ago, scheduled for November 2014 release on Spotted Peccary is Phillip's collaboration with Chris Russell. Don't say I didn't warn you, but I am afraid there is no way to escape anymore...
Brian Bourassa
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Brian Bourassa My review of the Free-Floating release Highlands was nothing short of fantastic. Having the chance to grab the additional tracks not used on the original release is just thickening the icing on the cake!
Transcended 14:17


These tracks are the outtakes from the 2012 edition of Highlands released at the Free Floating Netlabel. The outtakes are collected and offered here for your listening pleasure. They were mastered in May 2014 for digital streaming and download.

The Silence of One was mastered 15 May 2014 and is offered here to inform listeners of its enhancement.


released May 15, 2014

Synthesizers - Phillip Wilkerson
Cover photograph - Tagir Mohandis


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