Waking Across the River

by Phillip Wilkerson

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As a metaphor, rivers appear in music, art, literature, and all the major religious traditions. Rivers symbolize the creative origins of life, a source of purification, and a means of transport--for both body and soul.

Rivers take on mythical and mystical meanings for each person, according to their experiences, upbringing, and education. Mark Twain made the river a character in his novels. The song “Moon River” has become an icon
for life’s transitions. The Ganges and Yangtze and Jordan rivers are holy waters of purification, redemption, and enlightenment.

This music seeks to capture the myth and the mystery embodied by this universal symbol for life and the endless flow of experience between its shores.

PCW ~ July 2016


"so that even if you
occurred and were the same
you could not help but be
different in your own way
while any temporary
moment I live through
may still seem to be
a passing sketch of you
as you were meant to be"

~ W.S. Merwin


released April 10, 2016

Yamaha and Access Digital Synthesizers - Phillip Wilkerson
Photography ~ Tagir Mohandis



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